In the rapidly changing field of real estate, the intricacies and techniques of managing property grow more complex and diverse each day. Today, property management is more than collecting rents or association fees and maintaining buildings. Property management is understanding the competitive sphere surrounding a building and constantly reviewing the important factors which enhance the income potential and escalate the rate of value appreciation.

Our management philosophy can be summarized by three principles: open communication, responsiveness, and results orientation. It is our intent to manage a client’s property as if it were our own investment through aggressive bottom line oriented programs. This means not only understanding the operational and physical aspects of the building, but also having the knowledge of and influence over income and expenses, as well as maintaining good, solid relations with tenants and owners.



* Advise the Board on matters of administration
* Draw up maintenance specification
* Secure competitive bids for service and maintenance contracts
* Supervise personnel responsible for repairs and maintenance
* Inspect buildings and grounds on a weekly basis
* Arrange for emergency repairs
* Assist the Association in its compliance with Federal, State and local regulations
* Insure that owners and/or renters comply with rules and regulations
* Attend Board and Association meetings
* Prepare all necessary documents
* Send notice of meetings to the membership
* Maintain records of the Association
* Maintain a current roster of owners/ tenants
* Prepare and file necessary corporate reports
* Keep service and insurance policies current
* Purchase supplies and services as requested by the Board
* Provide general secretarial services


* Keep the Board and membership informed of changes in laws and other issues relating to condominiums, co-operatives and owners’ associations


* Provide and maintain financial records of the Association
* Prepare and distribute monthly and annual financial statements
* Propose annual budgets
* Prepare annual reports
* Assist with required tax returns
* Collect and deposit assessment payments
* Follow-up delinquent accounts
* Examine bills and plan payment


Since its beginning, our company’s primary goal has always been to provide the best possible service and counsel to our clients in all real estate matters. We serve as a true agent to our clients. Our client’s objectives become our objectives.

We Can Help You....

* Comply with the latest laws
* Limit your liability
* Develop your budget
* Resolve disputes
* Reduce your expenses
* Draft enforceable rules
* Cut insurance costs
* Negotiate sound contracts
* Collect assessments
* Improve communications
* Conduct trouble-free meetings
* Avoid problems with contractors
* Control costs
* Stay on top of new regulations

We believe that timely, personal, competent, real estate management exerts more influence on values and return on investment than all other variables combined.

Our Guarantee Is

* Good Communication Flow
* Timely Response To Problems
* Personalized Service
* Protection Of Your Investment
* Complete Professionalism

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