Goals and Philosophy


New London Associates, Ltd. was formed in 1983 by a real estate broker and a certified public accountant who were determined to establish a new level of professionalism and service in the real estate brokerage and management industry.  Their basic concept for the company was to combine the aggressiveness and energy necessary in deal-making and management with the financial and analytical abilities necessary to accurately evaluate long-term implications of various alternatives. New London Associates has always been committed to providing the most suitable, economical, and profitable real estate situations possible based on a thorough knowledge of client needs, the marketplace, and the financial implications of each and every deal or assignment.


A company’s value and effectiveness is only as good as those persons assigned to the task. Our philosophy stresses that the success of any real estate engagement lies in the strength of the people actually working on that particular project.  New London Associates is comprised of a professional staff of ten licensed brokers and/or sales associates who are highly trained and motivated and who bring together the necessary talents and skills to perform. The members of the New London Associates team have a combination of commercial real estate, banking, accounting, and financing backgrounds resulting in a well rounded, consulting oriented brokerage and management firm. The wide range of experience within our organization gives us the capability and structure to serve our clients in all aspects of the real estate business.


The company’s primary goal has always been to provide the best possible service and counsel to our clients in all real estate matters.  We serve as an agent to our clients, not as a principal. Our client’s objectives become our objectives. Although our staff size is not as large as that of other firms in the area, we feel that the quality of our work and commitment cannot be equaled. Because we are small, we are able to become more personally involved with our clients, giving us the opportunity to understand their goals and expectations.  In like manner, the client is able to have a consistent relationship with our staff and discuss all matters directly with our company’s principals.  We have always been successful with this project oriented philosophy and guarantee that our brokers and sales associates will always provide prompt and efficient service, in-depth analysis, and sound advise, all in a professional manner.


We believe that while there are many brokers in the Chicago area, there are very few who are willing to dedicate the time and effort required to provide quality and timely representation to each client in every assignment. We only take on those assignments that we feel we can commit the time necessary to accomplish our client’s objectives and get the job done. Only through this dedication will we be able to accomplish our mutual sales, leasing or managerial goals.  Our team approach is personalized, sophisticated, and organized to insure success in our efforts.

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